I thought it might be a good idea to catch everyone up on what I am doing and where I’m at. First of all, I suspended my ride around America in July of 2012. For a variety of reason I decided it was best to move to Arizona and be near my father and his wife. So here I am in the quaint little town of Wickenburg which is about fifty miles northwest of Phoenix. It’s small and there isn’t much to do here. I ride quite a bit still and during the winter have some “snowbird” friends that I can ride with. The lifestyle is way different than it was in Portland. Kind of a cultural wasteland to be honest. Not many restaurants and one theater with one screen. I like it here in the winter because the riding is great compared to the northwest. The summers however are brutal. Not sure I’d ever get used to them.

As you can see from my home page I’m involved with Christian Peacemaker Teams which is a Christian humanitarian organization that has teams around the world in heavily militarized and conflict zones. I went to Palestine in December 2014 and if you are interested I write about my experiences as well as provide resources for Palestine on my website. I am applying for a full time position with CPT and hope to go back to Palestine or northern Iraq next year.

So, now you are caught up. That’s my life right now.