I’ve started training in earnest the last couple of weeks. Getting out most every day and putting in a few miles. I’m getting used to my new bike and love it. The muscles used to ride a bike are different than running so it’s taken some time to get used to that. I’m sore like when I was running a lot but in different areas. I’m going to upgrade my saddle sometime soon to something a little more comfortable and easier on my tush. Last weekend I ordered my trailer which should be in next week. Stefan over at River City Bicycles again spent a lot of time with me helping me get my gear. I bought a computer (Cateye Strada) and rear rack which I installed Sunday. I’d thought about getting a high end GPS based system but have decided to keep it really simple. No fancy wireless gear or things that can break. Very simple, very reliable equipment that won’t break.

In reviewing my equipment list for the trip I started paring down a lot of what I initially thought I’d bring. It’s all about weight. I don’t want to be pulling any more up those mountain grades than I have to. When I look at my equipment list  if I have to think about something multiple times I tend to delete it. If I find that I really need something I’ll buy it along the way.

My dad is going to meet me in Pueblo, Colorado when I get there in late June or early July which is exciting. A couple of weeks ago he had a “cardiac event” which was scary. He was in the hospital for a couple of days and it turned out to be something more benign than initially thought. He’s nearly as enthusiastic about this journey of mine as I am. I’m blessed that he has always been supportive.

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