I picked up my trailer from River City Bicycles on Saturday and took it out for a little 15 mile jaunt on the Sweetwater Corridor along the Willamette River. It’s really easy to pull when it’s empty. I didn’t even know it was behind me for the most part. I decided to get the Ibex instead of the Yak because it has a suspension system which I’m told will trail better in the mountains, especially going downhill. So, without further adieu, here’s my transportation system for the next few months:

I’ve been going out nearly everyday and getting myself in shape for this journey. I find that for the most part my legs are in good shape from years of running. My butt gets a little sore but that will be alleviated when I get my new saddle next week. The part of my body that hurts most is my right hand believe it or not. Some of you recall that I tore ligaments in it when I hyper-extended my thumb at last years Share Golf Tournament. In hindsight I probably should have had surgery as recommended by my orthopedic surgeon but really didn’t want to be immobilized for two months. Oh well, too late now. That’ll teach me to hit my ball into a sand trap.

I got my map set from the Adventure Cycling Association and boy, they are great. Very detailed of all 12 sections of the TransAmerica Trail. I wasn’t sure whether to get them or not but after seeing them it was a wise investment. Each map gives precise detail about the roads and highways as well as places to shop and camp. It will make the journey a little easier from a planning perspective.