Music has always been an important part of my life. I loaded up my iPod with nearly my entire collection and created a ton of playlists. There was a couple of playlists that included jazz artists like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charlie “Bird” Parker and Dave Brubeck. Playlists that had a lot of classic rock like Van Halen, the Eagles, the Doobie Brothers and such. Then there was my favorites which had all the great singer-songwriters I like: Randy Sharp, Bonnie Raitt, Jerry Jeff Walker, Nick Drake, Warren Zevon, Tom Waits and Iron & Wine.  I had a playlist for climbing that was high energy and gave me some motivation. And one for those long lonely days when there was nothing but pavement for as far as the eyes could see.

Here are a few of my favorite albums. These represent a cross section of my musical tastes. An eclectic collection for sure. All of these were in my rotation as I traveled across the United States.

And here is one of my many playlists. This one has many songs by my favorite singer-songwriters. Believe me, when I was peddling the many miles between small towns this got quite a bit of airplay.

And then there’s jazz. This is one of my jazz playlists. I had several. It settled my mind on those long and arduous days, especially when it was hotter than the hinges of hades.