Final Tale of the Tape


Final Tale Of The Tape:

Total miles peddled: 4,022.42. Half on the TransAm Trail and the other half finding my own way.

Total revolutions of my 26” wheel: 3,120,178

Total riding days: 89

Total rest days: 57  (okay, I like to sightsee)

Average miles per riding day: 45.20

Weight loss: Started at 170lbs plus and finished at 146lbs.

Total climbing: 120,000+ thousand feet, 24 miles of climbing.

Flat tires: 3 flats – one front tire, one rear tire and one on my trailer. Better living through Kevlar….and good quality rim tape.

Major mechanical issues: None, zero, nada. I love my Surley Long Haul Trucker.

Brakes: Two sets, one in Missoula, Montana and the other in Pueblo, Colorado. After that got a little braver on the descents.

Broken spokes: None

Tires: One set. My Vittoria’s made it all the way, worn out but they made it.

Fastest descent: 51.4 mile per hour on a two mile stretch of 7% grade in the Smoky Mountains.

Close calls: A couple dozen. Six really close and two very, very close on the same day in Kentucky.

Dog attacks: 100+