Around the Edges 2012


In the summer and autumn of 2010 I rode across the United States for the first time. Some of you readers will recall that I was a novice cyclist when I started that journey. Novice would be a generous assessment. Really, I knew very little about bicycling and could barely change a flat tire. After 118 miles of training I felt competent to start riding across the country. Needless to say it was grueling the first few weeks. The learning curve was very steep. And as a then 55 year old man the fitness curve was even steeper.

What I discovered on that adventure is that America is an extraordinary country. Not so much much because of its physical beauty but rather its inhabitants. Every person I encountered along the way had a unique story to tell. Every town I rode through had its own character. It was not long after I returned home that I was yearning to be out on the roads again. So now I am embarking on a rather unique journey around America. When I say around America I mean that literally. My journey will take me ‘around the edges’ of the country. I’ll be taking video equipment with me and interviewing people along the way. My goal is to produce a feature length documentary film about America. In addition to documenting the journey I’ll be raising money for Share, an organization that serves the homeless and hungry in southwest Washington.

For those of you interested you’ll be able to track my progress in real time, kind of a “Where’s Waldo┬«” using my Garmin Edge 500 GPS. I’ll be blogging routinely so if you want to subscribe to my updates you can do so by clicking here. And I’ll be posting YouTube videos periodically, “mini-documentaries” and human interest stories. For of you so inclined you can follow me on Twitter @rollingacross or Facebook.

Please return often. I’ll be leaving on May 19th, 2012 so stay tuned for updates.