Update August 9, 2021 – It’s been a minute hasn’t it? Lots has been going on in my life. Over the last year I have been working with Lutheran Social Service of Southern California. I maintain their websites and assist with digital marketing and serve as a technical consultant. This is a great organization and I am blessed to be working with such a fine group of people. And I am now living in the Phoenix, Arizona area with my partner Jackie who I first met in 1975 and reconnected with back in 2016. That is a very long story which I will share at some point. 


My next expedition, while not as long as others, will still be exciting. I will be riding from Reno, Nevada to Lone Pine, California on highway US395 to celebrate my 67th birthday. And I’ll be raising money for Lutheran Social Services of Southern California along the way. I’ve driven that stretch of America a couple of hundreds of times. Now I want to do it on two wheels. Stay tuned for updates.