Update January 3, 2019 – For now I have suspended my long distance riding and am focusing on a couple of new endeavors. One, I have been involved with active non-violent resistance against oppression. In December of 2014 I went over to Palestine with Christian Peacemaker Teams which was a profound experience. As some of you know, I moved to Wickenburg, Arizona in 2012 to help take care of my father. He passed away in September of 2016 and I moved to Phoenix a couple of months after. Now I’ve come out of “retirement” to become a partner in a marketing agency, Millennial Marketing AZ. It’s been great to rekindle the business fires again. I hope to be taking another bike journey in May of 2019 up US 395 and Sierra Mountains, my favorite stretch of highway in the US. Finally, a good thing happened a couple of years ago. I reconnected with a woman I met in Australia in 1975 when I was in the US Navy. She has moved to Phoenix now and we have a great life together. It’s a great story which you can read by clicking here.